REACH - A Podcast for Executive Assistants

Supporting a First-Time Founder: An Opportunity to Leave a Legacy as an Executive Assistant

October 12, 2021

Angela Wiley, Executive Assistant to the SVP of Americas Sales and the SVP of Global Corporate Sales at Equinixtalks about her experience supporting newly minted leaders and executives who had never experienced support until Angela! In this episode, we discuss the typical areas that first-time founders need coaching or direction from their EAs and specifically, how Angela built both a thoughtful and meaningful partnership with her former executive at Inkling. When supporting a new executive, your role takes on a different responsibility in that you become both an ally and a coach. As Angela puts it, supporting a fist-time founder is a tremendous opportunity to leave a legacy as an executive assistant for years to come. So, whether you’re supporting an executive who has never been an executive before or has never had an assistant before, Angela knows what it’s like to be in your shoes and is here to offer you advice and encouragement.

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