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REACH Roundtable Playback: Are Executive Assistants Returning to the Office?

August 11, 2021

If you couldn’t join us for our first REACH Roundtable Livestream, we saved our audio playback for you. REACH Roundtable is an extension of our podcast where we invite former guests back to discuss all things hot topics in the Executive Assistant world. For our first Roundtable, we tackled the single-most relevant topic: “Returning to the Office.” In this episode, you’ll hear from the guests you know and love, Lauren Pelusi, Rowe Hoffer, LJ Cohen, and Kristin Beatham as they share their unique perspectives on whether EAs should be expected to return to the office alongside their executives and if not, how that forever changes the landscape of executive support. Join us for the next livestream and we'll address your questions in real-time. Plus you'll be able to enter our giveaways!

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