REACH - A Podcast for Executive Assistants

Part Two: Event Planning Advice from an Event Planning Expert

July 12, 2021

This is part-two of our two-part series with event planner extraordinaire Heather Keenan, President and CEO of Key Events.  Heather and her firm have orchestrated events the likes of which have been attended by queens, US Presidents, celebrities and the A-list of the business world. If you missed part 1, definitely give it a listen (Season 1, episode 16) where Heather shared how Executive Assistants could pull off a successful virtual event.  As in-person events resume, we wanted to bring Heather back on the show to hear her advice around carrying out a meaningful and successful in-person event (the best kind)!  Whether it’s a casual team happy hour or a formal executive dinner party, Heather says that every event exists to push business forward and it’s an Executive Assistant’s responsibility to nail that objective. One of her favorite tips when it comes to brainstorming and executing an event is “to paint with a big brush.” Join us for a conversation with tons of practical tips and lots of laughs! And you won’t want to miss her answer to our infamous REACH question with a twist. 

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